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President-in-Training Speaks

Madame Ko
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Ko is an exceedingly geeky, moody, yet generally entertaining law student at that Fount of Brilliance, Yale Law School (motto: "We Look a Lot Like Hogwarts").
She enjoys dancing, attempting to save the world, mocking, talking about herself in the third person, margaritas, and long walks in the rain.
42, abhorsen, all things smokefree, anime, artemis fowl, ballet, billy collins, breathing, college students speaking haiku, computers that don't sulk, cooking, dancing, dark chocolate, dave barry, dawn/dusk, discworld, evil librarian glasses, feeding people, flowers that smell good, gardening, great and t00by loff, harry potter, hero the movie, hiking, howard dean, icc, jon stewart, kyoto protocol, liberalism, libraries, lord of the rings, lusting after art, manga, metric/english, mini-comicking, music, neepage, neoliberal institutionalism, night/evening, not dying, olivia, p. g. wodehouse, performing arts, pixar's brilliance, political science geekery, politics, public speaking, reading, revolutionary tubers, scoffing, sicilian logic, sisters, sleep, smoosh, sugar in cookies, t00bage, the lost academy, the united nations, the west wing, theater containing comical death, trio, webcomics, writing useless poetry