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Obama/Biden 4EVER

Hi kids! Possibly you thought I had been eaten by wild lemurs, but not so! (Sorry, Tito, I know you were hoping for my untimely simian demise. Don't lie, I can see into your brain.)

Allow me to Tell the Tale of Ko:

So I lived in Argentina for the first five weeks of the summer, which was all kinds of crazy awesome. I did a legal exchange program called Linkages, which allowed me to travel to Argentina with two other Yalies and attend classes at UBA and the Universidad de Palermo, meet judges, attend events, talk to NGOs, and attend the SELA Latin American legal conference. I saw a FIFA World Cup qualifying match (Argentina-Ecuador at River Plate Stadium, 1-1), visited Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay for a day, attended a play in the capital of Latin American theater, and spoke lots and lots of funnily accented Spanish. Y vos?

After going home to hang with the familia and BFF for the 4th of July, I moved to Washington, D.C., where I lived (technically, am still living, as I haven't moved out yet) in Arlington and worked for the Women's Leadership Forum at the Democratic National Committee.

And NOW...drumroll, please...I'm in Denver at the Democratic National Convention, and I bask in the rays of your jealousy. MUAHAHAH. Tomorrow I meet Michelle Obama and all of the Democratic women governors, Monday I work transportation for DNC Finance guests (read: uber-VIPs) at the hotel where Barack Obama is staying ("Good Morning, Senator! Can I give you a big hug?"), Tuesday I work the Women's Caucus and then a VIP-only performance of Chicago political comedy group Second City, Wednesday it's back to helping very rich people get where they need to go (geographically speaking), and Thursday it's Day Two of the Women's Caucus and then THE ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. YES. MUAH. OBAMA FOR THE WIN.

I will keep you posted. :D

P.S.: Biden. I approve. *thumbs up*
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