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I LIIIIIIVE *zombie gestures*

No seriously. I'm, like, alive.

I have conquered and pillaged 1L year at Yale Law (actually, jinx, my grades haven't been posted yet). Tomorrow I'm off to Argentina (BUENOS AIRES AIIIII) for a month. Following that, I'll be working for the DNC in Washington, DC for the rest of the summer, then heading back to YLS for my 2L year.

This school year, I have:

1) Played "Colors of the Wind" on my laptop at the end of a Civil Procedure class in which we discussed possible legal standing for trees;

2) Graffitied with my best friend as a form of Spooks viral marketing (SPPPOOOOOOKKKSSS) and taken down a stone dolphin (it was an enemy spy);

3) Appeared in court 9 times, prepared for a trial, learned how to enter business records into evidence as a hearsay exception ("And are these records kept in the regular course of business? And are you the custodian of these records? I am showing you what has been marked Plaintiff's Exhibit A...."), and worn way too many suits in the process;

4) Written the longest paper of my life (10,500 words, baby!), which I plan to publish in a law review;

5) Been sung at on multiple occasions by the Dean of Yale Law School;

6) Performed in a dance show that oversold every single performance;

7) Survived a New Haven winter;

8) Broken my own sleep-deficit record from college (two all-nighters in a five day stretch, oh yes);

9) Discovered (or been led to) Regina Spektor, Swell Season, Spooks, Battlestar Galactica, and Ethiopian food;

10) Finally become an official, confirmed Catholic (liberal feminist Catholic, no less!);

11) Taken 7 law classes in various subjects, and mostly enjoyed them;

12) Seen my presidential candidate kick some serious ass. SI SE PUEDE.

Not a bad year, say I.

How about you?
Tags: not dead yet, skool, summarizing
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