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I haff a brief

No, that doesn't mean half a pair of underwear. It means a long-ass uber-formal legal argument made to a court as to why your client should win. And when is it due? TODAY. And did I finish it? SORT OF.

Oh law school. Anyway, now you know that I am alive and well, mostly.

However, I am still trying to decide whether I should apply for a joint degree MA in English Literature here at Yale. I would probably do something about women in law (law and lit), especially in literature (maybe novels?) with women in court/trials before women became anything more than property (e.g. when women were supposedly not allowed an independent role in the adversary system of law independent of their husbands).
Thoughts? Counsel me, flist.
Tags: indecision, written in class
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I have no advice on law school. We live next to a Harvard one L (I think) and he is always shouting excitedly to his gf or wife or whomever. They have a yappy dog.

Is a thesis required for the MA? Is course work required? Why would you do it?
A thesis (way shorter than doctoral, obviously) and coursework are both required. I would do it because it would be awesome.
I know you are brilliant and a superstar and a total overacheiver. But I worry. I pushed myself way too hard in grad school and now I have a chronic illness. So be careful. If you think you can do it, and still have enough time for law school and a life then do it!

Do you add on a year? Do you do it at the same time?
I would add on a year.
That sounds sane. :D