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In Which Ko Abuses the Exclamation Point

Point the first: My mother is awesome beyond all awesomeness. She just got a crazy promotion and will now be overseeing grassroots political advocacy for the American Cancer Society in six Western states! She's going to be AMAZING at it, and it's not grant funded--stability! New concept! Felicidades, Mamita!

Point the second: FALL BREAK FALL BREAK AHAHAHAHA. So this law school thing. It's hard. And legal writing? Kind of takes forever and steals your soul. But Fall Break is here, and I am going to Philly (homecoming at Penn! Friends! Eeee!) and then to NYC (More friends! And possibly the Statue of Liberty!) and then New Hampshire (LEAVES! SEASONS! *brain shorts out*).

Goooood times. How have you all been?
Tags: familia, law school
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