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Yea, And There Was Stuff Happening

She lives and breathes! Since I last updated:

1) A new US president was elected. And the world rejoiced. <3

2) I survived one more year of law school, learning the difference between remainder and reverter, the vagaries of property division upon divorce in equitable distribution states, the endless requirements of the National Environmental Planning Act, and the origins of the "benefit of clergy" defense in 19th-century criminal prosecutions. Oh it was a blast. One more year to go!

3) In October, I bought a tiny female gerbil, who I named Chillona (means "squeaky," nicknamed Chichi). She turned out to be pregnant, so now I have both her and her daughter, the super-cute Milagros (means "miracles," nicknamed Mili). They keep me entertained, and are big fans of Froot Loops, squash seeds, and hiding behind the pillows on my bed.

4) I performed in two dance shows with Groove Dance Company. Yay Groove! I think I'm going to choreograph next season to "Little Weapon" by the fantastically awesome Lupe Fiasco. There's nothing like hip-hop-infused balletic modern dance performed to a song about child soldiers.

5) I went to Spain for the first time ever, with my very own Mama! It was a Christmas present for her. We stayed in Madrid for a week and made day trips to Toledo and El Escorial. Along the way, we took several pictures of Mama toasting beer-related statutes outside of bars. It is unclear why, though it might have had something to do with the clear air, sunny skies, and fairly generous amount of sangria that we consumed.

Full album of photographic proof of our claiming Spain for the glory of Spain is here.

6) My baby sister graduated from high school. WTF. But now she is bound for Mt. Holyoke College, which is only an hour and a half north of Yale! TOGETHER AGAIN! We are clearly an adorable team.

7) I am spending the summer working for a big schmancy law firm in New York City. Shockingly, I am totally enjoying both the city and the firm. Who knew? I live on the Upper West Side, work in Midtown East, have a fantastic office-window view of Central Park, and attend ballet classes with my friend Carrie at the Joffrey Ballet School. I am also within hijinks-range of people like priscellie and Adi. Are we going to attend the midnight showing of HP6 while wearing our respective House ties, ordered online specifically for this occasion? Better believe it.

8) In August, I will be going on the Best Vacation Ever with my best friend/other half of my brain, joyouschild. I'm kind of fond of her, even though she smells funny. We are attending spy school (!!!!!!!!!!!1111) and then off on the Great Southern Road Trip of Awesome, which will include kayaking and surfing on the Outer Banks, eating of peaches, and taking of random pictures. Among other things. Oh it will be amazing. EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT MY HEAD EXPLODES.

9) AND, next year, my very first published work of fiction comes out! It's a short story in Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling's next anthology, The Beastly Bride. I am way excited, and plan to start writing again (I say this now. Ask me in four months if I have managed to work on anything. -_-).

And that is all! Life is pretty darn good.

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