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I LIIIIIIVE *zombie gestures*

No seriously. I'm, like, alive.

I have conquered and pillaged 1L year at Yale Law (actually, jinx, my grades haven't been posted yet). Tomorrow I'm off to Argentina (BUENOS AIRES AIIIII) for a month. Following that, I'll be working for the DNC in Washington, DC for the rest of the summer, then heading back to YLS for my 2L year.

This school year, I have:

1) Played "Colors of the Wind" on my laptop at the end of a Civil Procedure class in which we discussed possible legal standing for trees;

2) Graffitied with my best friend as a form of Spooks viral marketing (SPPPOOOOOOKKKSSS) and taken down a stone dolphin (it was an enemy spy);

3) Appeared in court 9 times, prepared for a trial, learned how to enter business records into evidence as a hearsay exception ("And are these records kept in the regular course of business? And are you the custodian of these records? I am showing you what has been marked Plaintiff's Exhibit A...."), and worn way too many suits in the process;

4) Written the longest paper of my life (10,500 words, baby!), which I plan to publish in a law review;

5) Been sung at on multiple occasions by the Dean of Yale Law School;

6) Performed in a dance show that oversold every single performance;

7) Survived a New Haven winter;

8) Broken my own sleep-deficit record from college (two all-nighters in a five day stretch, oh yes);

9) Discovered (or been led to) Regina Spektor, Swell Season, Spooks, Battlestar Galactica, and Ethiopian food;

10) Finally become an official, confirmed Catholic (liberal feminist Catholic, no less!);

11) Taken 7 law classes in various subjects, and mostly enjoyed them;

12) Seen my presidential candidate kick some serious ass. SI SE PUEDE.

Not a bad year, say I.

How about you?
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Me? I wrote a novel twice and gave it to my agent and am pretending I am not waiting on pins and needles to hear back from her and am plotting second book in series of four quietly over here in the corner.
OK, but yay on your article!!

I had an idea for a YA book on Medusa last fall. I met with my agent friend and she was encouraging so I wrote a first draft and put it aside and wrote a second draft from scratch. I handed it over a few weeks ago. I'm starting Book 2 now.

Story is about an 16 year old girl who lives in Cambridge, MA. She fears she is losing her mind, but she is actually manifesting as Medusa. She is descended from Medusa's blood though Chrysaor, the giant born when Perseus cut off her head.

She turns four people to stone including her two best friends. She and a homeless kid go on an adventure to find a way to turn them back.