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Nearly 1/6 of the way through law school.

First and foremost, I survived my dance show. HURRAH! It was fantastic and wonderful and tiring and full of bruises, and best of all, priscellie took a brief hiatus from working in NYC 24/7 to attend (and to give me an awesome shirt, as Cellie is wont to do). Now I am t-4 days from going home for the holidays, and I can hardly wait. Meanwhile, I'm sitting in Torts and not paying attention because I haven't read for the class in two weeks. HOWEVER, I have not wasted this, my last week, as I have a) finished my show, b) had brunch with the Muffins (my law school small group), c) seen oral argument before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in NYC (which gave me a boost of confidence, since not a single attorney escaped embarrassing him- or herself in some manner), d) finally gotten around to reading "Wyrd Sisters" by Terry Pratchett (my prayers are with him, Font of all Awesomeness), and e) victimized my friend Mark with the help of his girlfriend, which is always enjoyable for all involved except Mark. Now I just need to do laundry, pack, and go to two more days of classes. So close!

Lastly, here's my favorite picture (of me, anyway) from the Groove show:

Au revoir until New Mexico!
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