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Many things, arrrr.

Quite a week, this one. Now that I've gathered my thoughts a bit, here's an update, in all of its part-sad-part-silly-part-piratical glory.

First and foremost, we suffered a tragedy here at Yale Law School last week. On Thursday night, my brilliant classmate (for Con Law, Torts, and Procedure) and fellow 1L Joey Hanzich died suddenly. On Friday, all classes were canceled, and we had a YLS community meeting. I've spent quite a bit of time gathered with friends and in church since then, and the shock waves are still palpable within the law school. Joey represented the best and brightest of our class--smart, sweet, levelheaded, personable, good-looking, ambitious, etc. etc. All of our collective thoughts and prayers are with Joey's family and close friends from his days at Harvard, Cambridge, and now here at Yale. He will be missed something awful.

Second, I'm in a Yale dance company called Groove (auditioned successfully last Sunday), and I'm somewhat ambivalent about it. But short version, I'm glad that I'm dancing, I'm choreographing (a pointe piece! To an OperaBabes version of Tchaikovsky's Arabian Dance from The Nutcracker! yay!), and Groove is made up of many very cool people. We'll see how this goes, but I choose to be optimistic.

Third, I love New Mexico and its resourceful use of sheep. Can I go home now?

Fourth, Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which we Albuquerqueans like to celebrate by rampantly photoshopping pictures of our Mayor and his dog. (Speaking of which, I also love Duke City Fix, because it is awesome).

And now, back to actually paying attention to my Updating my LJ while sitting in Contracts? I've no idea what you're talking about.
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